Health, Healing & Longevity for 21st Century Living

Irregardless of what we know and love, the 21st century now has the research showing that a diet centered around Whole Food Plants (whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds) has the ability to prevent and reverse chronic disease, close slaughterhouses, and alleviate the environmental crisis. It's difficult to leave behind our SAD (Standard American Diet) comfort foods, but over 300,000 whole plant foods grown from our beautiful planet and packed with phytonutrients await to nourish our bodies to health and lifespans we have yet to experience. Change is scary...  possibilities are thrilling. Let's do it together. 

Based in Seattle, WA for in-person support, company talks, and hands-on food preparation classes. Available worldwide for remote nutrition services. 

Nutrition services for your health, healing and longevity, and that of our shared planet. 



Plant foods deliver a cocktail of bioactive compounds that target the hallmarks of chronic disease. The high-fiber, high-antioxidant, and low-fat content of a plant-based diet make it THE most effective diet  for disease treatment and prevention. 


Animals are sentient beings with  brains, pain receptors, and central nervous systems, fully capable of feeling love, fear, and pain. She is an embodied being with nutrient needs the same as us, not a food producer or source herself. 


Raising animals for food is indisputably the single largest contributor to every environmental ill known to humankind, polluting our atmosphere and waters, depleting our resources, obliterating endangered species, and destroying the earth at a blinding rate of speed.